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Battroborg Review

Battroborg Review

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Lots of Fun, by  Dr. Wilfredo M. Viray

I really love the idea of this Arena and the battling bots. I like the fact that you can use different Robots as well. I went online before using it so I understood how to control it and what everything means. I did not find the instruction sheet, but I did not need it.

My daughter and I charged the Bots and went for it. We played a little less than 20 minutes before having to charge. I wish they had a version that could go for a longer time on a charge. Overall, I liked it.

I may have been a little hasty in my review. After enjoying this for a while, I am ordering more Robots so that I do not have to worry about the 20 minutes anymore. It will be like a real Robot cage match where the loser gets replaced by the next Robot contender. It is a blast to play. I love it more now.

Your Very Own Robot Wars, by Vanessa Simek

I’m a huge fan of all things robot, especially the old shows like Robot Wars and Battle Bots (except when they sadly massacred the robot dinosaur Pleo! For shame!)…and more recently the Robot Combat League…so that probably makes my review a little biased but you know what, oh well – if you’re researching this you’re probably running along the same crazy-about-robos mindset as me. I was checking out Legos when I passed by the robot section of a familiar big-red-balls store and this instantly caught my eye. I had been checking out the Hexbug Warriors a bit but been reluctant to purchase those since you don’t have any control over them in battle and I already have Hexbug nanos. The price point was $70 for Battroborg and they only had 2 boxes…so yeah, I came home with one. I got Col. Clobber and Scaldor (Green and Red bots).

I love how one of the reviewers here mentions that the instructions use “Flea Font.” HAHA! Well I’m 32, with glasses, and I could read it although yes, it is pretty crazy-small. If you’re having issues just go to the Battroborg webpage and get the instructionals there where you can enlarge the font…or just view their videos…or check out YouTube. I found it all very intuitive. Set-up and charging is a breeze, and putting your opponent bots into say, autopilot, was easy-peazy and very fun for solo-play. It’s nice to learn by and makes for a decent practice challenge! I wasn’t thrilled about the sheer number of batteries needed though. It remains to be seen how long they will last and how many charges I get out of them before I need fresh batteries, but I will say buying batteries in bulk when you have kids is simply a must anyways so this isn’t really new for me.

Once I got the bots moving I was in love at first punch! I didn’t have too big an issue with getting my bot to move forward into the face of my opponent. I could get them to turn well enough with practice. When it got really heated though with fists flying I did get hung up in the ropes at times, or generally face the wall, but I don’t mind grabbing the bot’s flag to pull them back into starting positions. This is the optimal way to move them (it’s not just a sweet aesthetic touch!) as grabbing the face registers a hit. I think if they allowed for a controlled directional function these guys would’ve cost more and the cost is honestly pretty much “up there” for average consumers already. I also own the Rokenbok King of the Rok Competition Arena with 2 Defenders set…and these vehicle bots do have directional control. I know they aren’t the same thing as Battroborg exactly due to the Lego-esque nature of Rokenbok, but they are fighting robots that come with an arena and with full directional control…and this set costs around $160. It’s not really meant for the younger under 10 crowd either.

Just about anyone can simply pick up the chucks and start wailing away. And who wouldn’t want to? Instant smiles just can’t help themselves but appear on your face…and stay there despite your fury at just getting a hit registered to your bot’s cranium. It’s easy to get sucked into the battle and start yelling and cheering, jeering and moaning. Watch out, you may just get hyped! Sometimes punches will read solid, but other times not. Glancing hits will register, and full-on punches won’t, causing you to fight harder (totally unnecessary to exhaust yourself but you will anyway!) and rail louder, but it’s never frustrating because IT’S ALL FOR FUN! The sensitivity of the bots’ face plates can’t be too high or they might KO too quickly or KO even from the force of their own swing. Not enough sensitivity and they’d never KO and battles would drag on. I find that only the perfect uppercut works head-on most of the time BUT I think it’s perfectly balanced for play, I really do. I can’t wait for my hubby and I to duke it out because I know those moments will come for us both and that’ll make us all the more avid to whomp each other good!

This is a toy. It is on the techie side but it’s still just a toy, yes. Yes it’s essentially just an expensive version of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots but with mobility, flashy lights, and sound…if you want to be a party pooper! I’d add awesomeness to that list of attributes! There’s just something different about them…something you have to play yourself to experience. And yeah, the sound effects add to it. LOVE the bell ringing! It could just be me, but they sure bring out your inner child. You get into it way more than static ‘ol plastic bots…plus you can break a real sweat too and not just get thumb cramps! Rock’Em Sock’Em is back on store shelves with a price tag of $20, so yeah, you could save $50-$60 if that alone would satisfy your robo-fight-craving, but Battroborgs feel like they have a life of their own, not just a compliment of plastic, bolts, batteries and lights. I want my borg to win because I’m attached to him. I’m in his corner. He’s a little extention of me. When he takes a punch it’s personal! You get that “My borg is more awesomer than your borg!” feelin’ and you’re gonna throw the hammer down to prove it! Even if you switch and play your opponent’s borg you’re gonna be like, “Now THIS borg is gonna bring the thunder because he’s under MY control so get ready to kiss your bot’s shiny metal buttplate goodbye!”

Because today’s world of electronics is growing, along with the price tags of toys and video games, anything NOT a video game competes for attention and your wallet. One thing often lost in video game purchases is the interaction between players…and this game thrives on that! They are small like standard action figures but bring so much to the table. I’d much rather have this than a new video game – YAWN. This is what’s gonna bring family and friends…hack maybe even neighbors and strangers together; anyone from age five and up with a pulse can play, no heavy mechanical ability or affinity required! (I secretly hope they come out with many different accessories and modifications you can add/replace fist parts with!)

Well, that was an overly long review. It probably took 20 minutes to write. Hey, that means my Battroborgs are ready to rumble again! What am I still doing here? I’m gonna go grab my son and get our game on!

Battroborg Review

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